Getting Started with the MediaServ API

Welcome to the API documentation for MediaServ. Throughout this documentation you will see different coding examples using the PHP SDK. You can find the PHP SDK here. You will also see the same code examples for CURL when reading through, in case you're using another language.

The API endpoint for MediaServ is This endpoint will be used throughout all of the documentation, so don't worry.

As you will notice throughout all of the documentation shown, every API request has to be authenticated using the request parameters for "key" and "secret". If you don't already have an API key, you can get one from signing up here.

It might also be necessary to mention the error codes within the API, and let you know what they mean.

Error Code What it Means
100 You are making an API call that simply does not exist. Make sure the requested API URL is correct.
101 This error means the API is unable to authenticate your request. Check your API credentials as that's the only thing that could cause this error.
102 This error code gets thrown when some of the required parameters for the API call aren't set. Check the value parameter to find the missing information.
103 When this error is thrown, the data requested may not exist, or you aren't the owner of the requested information. Check the information you're looking for is associated with your account.
105 You will get this error when you try to create a media object for a file type that isn't supported.

Feel free to look around at what amazing things MediaServ has in store for you.