Getting the Info of a Media Object

Different file types will have different returns on this API call. When making the API call, you will get all the possible information that we can give you about an object.

The following is a table of the different parameters returned with the type of object it's associated with.

Parameter Media Object Description
media_type All Defines the type of media contained within the object.
media_domain All The public domain of the storage node. You will need this to access the files.
files[]["width"] image The width of the image file
files[]["filename"] image The filename the image is stored as on the storage node.
file pdf,other The filename the object is stored as on the storage node.
thumbs[]["sequence"] video The sequence of the current thumbnail of the video. These increment by 1 every time. Each thumbnail in the sequence represents one second of video.
thumbs[]["filename"] video The filename the thumbnail of the video is stored as on the storage node.
videos[]["quality"] video The quality of the current video.
videos[]["filename"] video The filename the video is stored as on the storage node.

Check out this example to get the information of a media object:


//Define the API Key and Secret
$key = "--- API Key Here ---";
$secret = "--- Secret Key Here ---";

//define the object id
$id = 1543623;

//Include the MediaServ SDK and invoke the getInfo() function
include_once "path/to/mediaserv.php";
$mediaserv = new mediaserv($key, $secret);
$info = $mediaserv->getInfo($id);


curl -X POST 
-d 'key=--API KEY HERE--
&secret=--API SECRET HERE--